Kinderdijk, Netherlands

The most famous windmills in the world reside in The Netherlands.

When friends were stationed in Europe with the American military years ago, I had the opportunity to fly over for 2.5 weeks. By far and away, this is one of the best vacations of my life. I shot over 3,000 photographs (it would’ve been more, but for the first time in my life, I arrived at a destination with no juice in the camera’s battery and my spare dead, too… epic fail! No photos in Antwerp or Brussels! Just chocolates to drown my sorrows!) and ate incredible foods while exploring hither and far.

We took a day trip to Holland. Unfortunately, we were not there during the famed Tulip Festival or I would’ve shot an obscene number of photographs. (That’s still on my bucket list.) We spent part of the day at the Delft factory in, um, Delft; this was one of my must-do items. And my friend, Jackie, had never been so it was a good adventure for us both. After touring the factory, we made our way to Kinderdijk.

Windmills at KinderdijkKinderdijk was simultaneously beautiful and freezing cold! Winter sunset in a wet climate is no bueno. I know, I grew up four miles from the ocean. But sunset was an absolute treat. Worth braving the cold.

Shooting the silhouette of one of the old windmills was an even bigger treat. This photo is matted and framed in my personal gallery.

My favorite souvenirs from any of my travels are always–ALWAYS!–my photos. They tell the stories and remember for me. Of those 3,000 photos, we are in maybe 150.

Two of the ten matted and framed photos in the room I’m currently blogging from contain photos from this trip to Europe. One is this very photo.

Since this was shot over six years ago, there’s no way I can begin to tell you what I did to manufacture the shot. I could make some guesses, but that’s all they would be. Instead, I just enjoy the beautiful colors contrasting with the black silhouette and the low lying clouds in the background. The rail fence and tree branches in the foreground are gravy as the image framed up beautifully. (I prefer to frame up the photograph than to crop after the fact, sometimes it can’t be avoided, I know.)

Inspired by: Landscape


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