Joy in a Bottle

Merry Christmas!Have you ever seen joy personified in a facial expression? If not, I suggest you look no further than the face of a child. Kids are guileless. They’re not born with an innate ability to mask their feelings. Nope, that’s something we all learned as we grew. I think it comes with the gradual loss of innocence we experience as we become better acquainted with the world. Children, on the other hand, wear their hearts on their sleeves and their emotions on their face (and every other fiber of their being, for that matter!). They can’t help it. And when they are joyful, you can’t help but reciprocate and feel more joyful, too.

So I celebrated Christmas twice… first on Christmas Day with my brother, sister-in-law, nephew, niece, sister, and my sister-in-law’s parents. The second celebration took place on December 30, after my parental units arrived from Colorado. As you might imagine, the kids ended up being far more interested in the packaging than the contents of the packages. Throughout the week, I shared camera duties with my sister-in-law (the beautiful woman behind my nephew) and I had the camera during gift opening. My nephew was having an absolute ball and it’s written all over his lovable little face. “Fun” just doesn’t seem adequate as a description, does it?

Merry Christmas!Not to be outdone by her older brother, the sweet pea got in on the action, although her face is a bit more mischievous. And let me tell you, baby girl has all the makings of a mischievous little imp. I love it! She plays coy a lot!

She just learned to walk about a month ago and has been getting more and more comfortable getting around on two limbs instead of four. (Don’t get me wrong, she still resembles a drunken sailor who can’t find her sea legs.) But she was picking up the paper stuffing and tossing it (about two inches up in the air) with big brother.

Both of these cutie pies were running around charming the socks off of their grands, their aunties, and their parents. I mean, really, how could they not?! No brainer, people.

But in all seriousness, kids can’t help but wear their joy plastered all over their adorable little faces. And thank heavens, right? As adults we get bogged down by the stresses, strains, and heartbreaks of life. We need these little balls of joy to lighten us up more often than we’d care to admit. I look forward to seeing these two munchkins every time I turn my car in the direction of their home. I’ve even been known to head over to their house with the express purpose of being infected with their joy.

Inspiration: Happy Happy Joy Joy


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