Capitol Reef National Park in Utah

Capitol Reef National ParkHello Strangers!



I know.

I didn’t die. I didn’t forget about you. I most definitely haven’t run out of photographs. It’s far simpler, actually.

I moved from Colorado (where I lived from July 2009 (two days before my brother’s wedding, to be exact) until September 22, 2013) to southern California (from whence I came originally). For about a week it was a bit of a catastrophe as I tried to get everything straightened out with the property management group who arranged my apartment for me. The group itself is fine, the rep for Los Angeles and Orange Counties is possibly one of the most inept persons I’ve ever had the misfortune to work with. I’ve worked and managed in customer service for the past thirteen years. Yes, there was an executive complaint by the time she was done jacking up everything.

Capitol Reef National ParkBut I’m now happily located in Pasadena and attending culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu. Yup, I quit my stable job, moved halfway across the country, and enrolled in culinary school. I completed the first term and had the highest grade in all three classes. And I’m the oldest, thank you very much. The old person is kicking the arses of the youngsters in the class–and lest you think I exaggerate, I’m older than Yvette’s mother… totally serious–just as I planned it! I’m having a blast, too!

So, on my drive out–yes, I shot this photo while driving, I was the only car on the road, the road was flat, and it’s not bad for holding a DSLR toward the window and shooting a picture while keeping my eyes on the road–I took the northern route, I-70 to the 15 into SoCal (you have the option of driving south on I-25 and turning right in Albuquerque (the 40) and proceeding into California). It’s prettier than the southern route. I took off at 5:00 a.m. and drove the full 17 hours in one day. I stopped in Corona and stayed the night with good friends and then drove the last hour to my brother’s house the next day. In 1992, my family went through Capitol Reef National Park in the middle of July. Bo-ring. Ug-ly. I’ve held to this opinion for 21 years. Well, I stand corrected. It was quite pretty during a gullywhomper of a rain storm on September 22.

Capitol Reef National ParkCapitol Reef National ParkIf you recall (I realize it’s been over a month since I posted anything, so it’s been a long while, but put your thinking cap on), I have a love affair with all things National Park Service. All. Things. Well, I pulled over twice as I drove through Capitol Reef. I stopped when it started raining cats and dogs and then throwing hail the size of nickels at everything. I sure as heck wasn’t going to subject my delicate person to being pelted to death by nickel-sized hail. No way, Jose. I’ll do a lot for a great photo. That ain’t it. (That’s not snow in the photo, that’s the hail that wasn’t washed away by gushing water.)

Capitol Reef National Park

Now, I’ll admit to a small cheat with these photos… I did have to PhotoShop them. It was still precipitating so I had to remove the raindrops from my photos. I had not-so-attractive little gray dots all over everything. No bueno. It just breaks up the overall beauty of the images, ya know?

I’m considering the use of some weekends to explore other National Park somethinerothers in southern California over the next few months. Of course, it’s weather, homework, and Auntie-Beth-babysitting permitting. Sure, I grew up here, but I’ve never explored it. Oh! And I want to go to the Reagan Library. I’ve been to the Nixon, but not the Reagan. So we’ll see what happens.

And I, interestingly, liked this last photo. Mostly because it showed the weather and slicked up the rock, creating contrasting textures in the picture.


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