From Lines to Patterns

JamestownFrom lines to patterns, huh? Okay. Will do.

This topic intrigued me from the get go. I instantly thought of a photo I shot in Historic Jamestowne, Virginia, in April 2012. The Jamestown Settlement is located in Colonial National Historical Park.

This picture is a little strange, I know, because you really have no idea what you’re looking at. I wandered through Jamestown on my own–just me and my camera–and came upon a structure constructed entirely of wood (photo below) and while it was interesting from the outside, I loved the shadows on the inside. Clearly this is not a structure in which you take shelter from the rain. Believe me, it would be raining indoors as well. Interestingly, this ended up being my favorite photo from Jamestown.

I found the patterns of the shadows on the ground to be intriguing. Considering the shadows represented both the wooden poles in the ceiling as well as the southeast walls of the structure, it created quite the array of shadows.

JamestownI know I said that this isn’t a structure in which to seek shelter from the elements, but it’s actually a reconstruction of the barracks at James Fort. Talk about having no joy in Mudville, right? Everything from rain to starlight to mosquitos is coming in to greet you. I imagine it may have had a thatched roof of some sort–fronds from trees and what not–but the walls weren’t impenetrable by any stretch of the imagination. And frankly, it looks like a good stiff breeze would’ve knocked the whole thing down on unsuspecting inhabitants. Speaking of inhabitants, I’m fairly certain the creepy-crawlies could easily come join you should they feel inclined. Just sayin’… makes me appreciate my bed and home, yes?

Anyway, when I put together my coffee table book of my trip up the east coast, each new location started with a single photo that bled off the page, announcing the location. The top photo signaled the start of the Jamestown Settlement… toldya it ended up being my favorite. (The fact that it’s horizontal and matched the dimensions of the book pages didn’t hurt either.)

Inspiration: From Lines to Patterns


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