I find the weekly photo challenges to be somewhat interesting as the subject can be open to various interpretations… in this case, what is carefree? Two photos came to mind, one already posted in this blog.

Henrik with BalloonsI have a nephew that is 2.5 years old and an absolute delight! In May, my parents and I flew home to California to be present when my fabulous sister-in-law, Adrianna, was awarded her doctorate in education. I love her like a sister and wouldn’t have missed it for the world. The following day, we all schlepped to her parents’ home for a graduation party with friends and family. Due to the nature of this trip, I lugged my camera (and its lenses) to California, not something I regularly do on quick trips home. After lunch consisting of street tacos (having the taco guy cater one’s party is absolute brilliance!), Henrik was shuffled off to bed for his afternoon nap. The little dude awoke full of vim and vinegar! We were in the backyard cleaning up and I had my camera slung over my shoulder. Henrik first threw boxed drinks from one galvanized wash tub to another, enjoying the huge splashes he created. Childish laughter wafted through the air. After tiring of this activity, he grabbed some balloons and started romping around the backyard. I don’t know what prompted it, but he started twisting his body, slinging the balloons back and forth. I shifted my camera and started snapping photos. I have a 5D, so it doesn’t have a flash… and I didn’t grab my flash unit from the house. As such, the speed of the camera slowed as it tried to adjust for the lower lighting of the shade in the backyard. In so doing, I hit pay dirt. Struck gold. Whatever you want to call it, my nephew came out clear with blurred balloons. I couldn’t have planned it better. I love that his hair is mussed up from sleeping, little blond curls reminiscent of his Uncle Brian (my baby brother) going every which way. His delight is apparent as its plastered all over his adorable little face. He’s having an absolute ball, not a care in the world.

Vancouver, CanadaThe other photo that came to mind was shot in 2010 from Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada. I was there for the Winter Olympics with sibs and friends. We had one day with no scheduled events. As such, we took the opportunity to do some sightseeing. Stanley Park is worth it! At one point we were overlooking the Pacific Ocean as it enters the bay/harbor area in Vancouver and I saw this yacht. As ocean waters go, the Pacific was still and the sunlight was angled just right to get a reflection (I obviously didn’t plan that part–right place, right time). The crew was still… no action on the yacht. Just peacefully sailing along, letting the wind do the work. And that just struck me as being carefree… enjoying the trip without exerting any effort.

Vancouver, CanadaI know, I know… it took effort to get out there and sailing requires effort throughout the process, but it looked peaceful and carefree nonetheless. It’s funny, this photo actually shows more of the reflection, but I like the prior photo better. I feel the vast expanse of the ocean more in the first picture. It makes the peacefulness of the water seem almost palpable. I suppose I could’ve zoomed out to capture the entire reflection in a landscape photo, but it seemed to dwarf the yacht, something that didn’t appeal to my eye. That said, I did shoot these images in quick succession, turning the camera to frame up a different shot. What can I say? I like choices and I prefer to make a choice regarding an image after its been uploaded to Sean (my handy-dandy, trusty MacBook).

As I said, these photos are vastly different, but they both sprang to mind when I contemplated a “carefree” image… and I might just be partial to the first because I think my nephew is the cutest little man on the face of the planet. Call me biased. I can cope with it!

Inspiration: Carefree


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