A Boy and His Balloons, Long Beach, California

Henrik with BalloonsI flew home last Wednesday night in order to be present when my sister-in-law received her Doctorate in Education at the University of Southern California (Fight On, Trojans!) on Thursday afternoon. It was a busy three days (I flew home Sunday morning) with very little sleep, but the time spent celebrating her accomplishment, talking career changes with my brother (he’s headed to medical school in a few months and I’ll be trailing after him as I head to culinary school), visiting with my sister, and cuddling and playing with my niece and nephew was fantastic. Due to the nature of the trip, I schlepped my camera, lenses, and flash unit with me… trust me, I don’t drag that around on every trip because lugging it and my laptop all over kingdom come in airports isn’t particularly friendly to my back.

So my nephew is disgustingly photogenic! He’s seriously cute as a bug. No, I’m not biased. I’m just right!

Saturday afternoon, we trekked down to Adri’s parents’ home for her graduation party. The little man went down for a nap midday and by the time he awoke, most of the guests had departed. As we started cleaning up, he grabbed a group of balloons and began entertaining himself. At one point, Annie Bef (um, that would be me… I used to be Ahbef, but we’ve evolved) had to explain that wrapping the balloons around his neck was “danger”… he’s two years old.

Henrik with BalloonsAnyway, he began twisting as fast as he could while slinging the balloons back and forth. I pulled out the camera and started snapping pictures. I was tickled by some of these photos because his adorable face was focused while his activity blurred the balloons and even his shirt (which yes, does say something like, “I’M A TROJAN!” (we indoctrinate early–note the small person USC workout pants)).

And the curls! I love his blonde curls like you would not believe! He looks a lot like his mama, but he got Uncle Brian’s curls (Brian would be my baby brother). His daddy has had straight brown hair since the day he was born, but Uncle Brian and Annie Bef were towheads and while my hair was straight, my brother had  gorgeous curls. Just like Henrik’s. (My sister-in-law has been known to hold off on haircuts if I’m coming into town because I love the curls so much–is she a great sister or what?)

I shot these with my Canon 5D and my 28-80mm lens with natural lighting since we were in the backyard on a lovely spring afternoon in southern California. And no special settings on the camera, no effects in PhotoShop. What you see is what I got.

And I told you I’m not biased… he really is adorably cute!


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