Fenway Park, Boston, Mass–Take II

Fenway ParkTomorrow is my 37th birthday and I was reminiscing about the days of birthdays past.

I’m pretty serious about celebrating my birthday. I even have rules surrounding them. No, I’m not joking. I told you I take it seriously.

So here are the rules:

  1. Thou shalt not work on or around thy birthday. My birthdate is April 14, I’m off work this year from April 5-April 16.
  2. Thou shalt never lie about thine age. I’ve earned every single solitary minute of every hour of every day of every year… by blood, sweat, and tears, they’re all mine!
  3. Fenway ParkThou shalt celebrate thy birthday as frequently as possible. And I do so with gusto!
  4. Thou shalt stretch thy birthday celebration out as long as humanly possible. As previously stated, my date of birth is April 14… I’ve celebrated in July, August, and October–yes, I’m serious!
  5. Thou shalt have ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins and the dinner of thy choosing; the order of which you partake of these goodies is up to the birthday person. First, the cake is very specific… roll cake with mint ‘n chip or chocolate chip ice cream and fudge for frosting. No, there are no substitutes. Don’t try to pass off Cold Stone or DQ cakes. Nothing doing! Second, I like to eat roast beef, mashed potatoes, and gravy for my birthday. Mom’s recipe only, thank you.
  6. Thou shalt never turn down presents. Duh.

Fenway ParkI have two sort of/sometimes rules:

  1. Thou shalt try to travel on or around thy birthday.
  2. Thou shalt attend a baseball game in celebration of thy birthday.

Last year, I nailed both of the sort of/sometimes rules, something I’d never done before. I was in Boston, Mass and attended a game at Fenway Park with my longtime friend (and Bostonian), Daniel. And yes, I shot a photo of the jumbotron showing the location and date–on the off chance I forget I was there for my birthday! Um, not likely. (Check the second photo on this post… it does give the date!)

Fenway ParkThe first pitch was thrown out by a gentleman named Bill Hogan, Jr. He was accompanied by Bill Hogan III, IV, and V, as well as another grandson. (Mr. Hogan is the older gentleman smack-dab in the middle.) You see, while I was at Fenway celebrating my 36th birthday, Mr. Hogan was celebrating his 100th. He was born April 14, 1912… six days before the first game was played at Fenway. And what a way for a lifelong BoSox fan to celebrate his 100th birthday, right?! Pretty cool, if you ask me. If I live to see 100, you might just find me wearing my #55 Dodgers jersey (Orel Hershiser, for those who don’t know which Dodger is my favorite) taking in a game at Dodger Stadium. I’ve spent a few birthdays there already, why not another on such a momentous occasion.

Fenway ParkFenway and the Sox made for a fabulous way to ring in another year of my life–a birthday spent with a friend of sixteen years in a picturesque stadium watching my favorite sport. And yes, I ate a very high fallutin’ birthday dinner… a hot dog with ketchup and mustard–no onions! (I don’t eat onions. Ever. They’re repulsive little buggers. All colors, shapes, and sizes. Cooked or raw. Bottom line? They’re vile.)

The game started at 4:05 p.m. which meant we were there during sunset. I couldn’t have scripted it any better myself. I generally prefer to sit on the third base side if I’m shooting photos because I’m right-eye dominant. As such, I can focus on the batter using my right eye and then use my left eye to watch the pitcher. I’m very good at timing pitches so that I get the batter swinging and have the ball in the frame as well. From the first base side, I’m unable to focus on the batter as easily because if I use my left eye, my right eye is blocked by my hand. And no, I can’t move my hand out of the way. I need to be able to shoot the photo and the button is on the right side of my Canon DSLR. I can’t move it. That’s just not an option. As such, I would’ve been a little disappointed about sitting on the first base line… except it made for the perfect seat to catch photos of the stadium as the sun set. It was absolutely lovely.

This year’s birthday isn’t nearly as picturesque, so there won’t be photos. As such… reminiscing is what we have this year.


5 thoughts on “Fenway Park, Boston, Mass–Take II

  1. My birthday is later this month and I’m totally stealing your rules! I’m going to a game in Tampa a few days before my birthday and a game in LA a few days after, plus I’m hoping to go to the A’s game on my birthday.
    That last photo is amazing. I love the sun, clouds and stadium combo

    • Steal away! People laugh at me when I tell them about my birthday rules, but I think birthdays are serious business. Thus, rules are in order!

      My baby brother called me late last night because he thought I was still in California at our other brother’s home and wasn’t returning until Monday so he made plans to go Jeeping with a bunch of buddies. He planned the outing so he can’t really bail. “If this was anyone else’s birthday, I’d say, ‘Eh, they’ll be fine.’ But it’s yours and now I feel really bad I made other plans because I know birthdays are special to you.” He’ll miss the family dinner, but arrive for cake. (He doesn’t really like roast beef, mashed potatoes, and gravy anyway.) I couldn’t help but smile because I could hear how badly he felt.

      And I’m completely jealous of your April baseball excursions! To me, the Dodgers and Dodger Stadium will always rule, but I’ve been to San Diego, San Francisco, Wrigley, Fenway, Arlington, and Denver. Strangely, I’ve seen my Dodgers play at all but Wrigley and Fenway. I do think it’s funny I’ve never been to the Oakland Coliseum since one of my bestest friends lives in Santa Rosa and I’ve gone to visit her more than once. She’s a diehard Angels fan and has ventured into Oakland more than once for a game.

      As for the final photo… it’s my goal to have a stadium shot of every stadium I’ve visited. That includes the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (I, uh, went to USC so I’ve seen umpteen football games there), hockey rinks (the Honda Ponda (where the Ducks play) and Hockey House (Vancouver, B.C.)), and basically anyplace I ever attend a sporting event. 🙂 But being in Fenway at the magic hour and on the first base line was fantastic!

      • People like to hate on the Coliseum, but in my opinion, it’s not the worst stadium I’ve been to. I enjoy going to games there, and the fans are great. I’m a big fan of taking photos at sporting events- not going to lie, I can easily have 150+ in one baseball game.
        I got a great shot in Cleveland at the game in 2011. The sun was setting and it was somewhat cloudy from the storm that had just past. The sky looks amazing with the pinks and oranges and the field below

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