Dodgers v. Rockies, Denver, Colorado

“It’s time for Dodger baseball!” The immortal words of the greatest sports broadcaster of all time, Vin Scully. There isn’t a Dodger fan out there who doesn’t love that man’s voice and his way with words.

I love April. Yes, yes, I know… it’s not quite here yet, but I’m deep in the throes of anticipation… indulge me! I love April for two reasons. First, there’s my birthday. And since birthdays, like travel, are a full-contact sport in my book, I’m sure you can see why I love it! I accept all gifts, I don’t work on the day of, I try to hook travel into my birthday plans, I never lie about my age, and I always hope for roast beef, mashed potatoes, and gravy for birthday dinner. No matter where I am! Second, my birthday always ushers in the start of baseball. That time when the possibilities are endless, the dream of my team making (and winning) the World Series is still alive, and Vin comes back on the radio and television. And yes, I live in Colorado. That means I pay money to get the baseball package so I can watch the Men in Blue do their thing.

On September 28, 2006–during my first go around as a resident of Colorado–someone had a spare ticket to see the Dodgers and Rockies go at it up in Denver. It was a great game! James Loney hit two home runs as a rookie. I actually remember that detail. Not bad for a rook.

Dodgers v. Rockies - SAFE!As per usual, I had my camera in tow. My Canon Elan IIe… a.k.a. the film camera. If I had to make a guess, I was shooting Ilford 200. It’s a medium speed black and white film that I loved! To my eye, Ilford captured a wider palette of gray than Kodak did. And while Ilford 100 was my absolute favorite, it was too slow for sports. Baseball pitchers looked like windmills. Great if you’re going for an artsy effect… horrid if you actually want to see what’s going on from a sporting standpoint.

Anyway, our seats were up in nosebleed behind home plate and I caught a great shot of Jeff Kent sliding head first into home plate. Niiice. I love this shot. I had it blown up to poster size as a gift to a friend of mine who is every bit the fan I am. It’s framed and hangs in their bathroom. Nope, not joking. One bathroom is a Dodgers bathroom in blue and white with baseball stuff… the other is the USC bathroom in cardinal and gold with football stuff. The poor man is married and has three daughters, the guinea pigs are female, the dog is a girl, and we know at least one of the fish is a girl because baby fish showed up in the tank. As such, he has one Dodgers bathroom and one USC bathroom. You can’t really blame the guy. And I’m perfectly fine perpetuating the insanity!

And yes, Kent was safe. He beat the tag to the plate. Dodgers won.

Now… play ball!


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