Family in Long Beach, California

The Sister-In-Law and NieceOrdinarily, I’m not a fan of my own photos when it comes to people. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I take a great candid about once every 100 photographs. Sure, most of us can get the pictures where everyone crowds together and yells, “Cheese!” However, I’m not so great when it comes to relaxed pictures.

My sister-in-law, on the other hand, has a serious knack for it–I’ll admit to being a little jealous! Anyway, she asked me to shoot some photos of my darling niece as she rested on her mama’s shoulder. She never intended to be in the photo herself, but as she was watching her daughter, I framed up this shot and was able to get a lovely profile of her as well as my niece as she watched Auntie Beth.

I don’t think my sister-in-law had any make-up on at this time… she has dark auburn hair and the requisite freckles that come with being a redhead. I think she’s beautiful. My niece hasn’t developed her spots yet, and who knows if she will. It’s still too early to tell. Unlike her brother, who was bald as can be and then became an adorable towhead, she shows signs of following in the footsteps of one of her parents. Her mama, as I told you, has dark auburn hair… her daddy has dark brown. We shall see.

I love black and white photos of people. Reading the Los Angeles Times as a youngster, only the front page of a section had color photos. Everything else was black and white. I love the contrast and texture that I was accustomed to seeing day in and day out throughout the sports page (okay, so maybe I kept my reading to the sports page, the comics, the puzzles, and sometimes the human interest). But to this day, I love black and white photographs of people. And this was no exception. The black and white version spoke to me far more than the color image did.

Anyway, I loved holding this little girl and cuddling with her for six days. I was sad to go, but all good things must come to an end. <sigh> But I was happy this photo came out well.


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