Proud as a Peacock

During my east coast swing in March and April of 2012, I visited Pennsbury Manor in Pennsylvania. To all the residents of Pennsylvania, I’m sorry, but Pennsbury Manor is kind of dorky. Unlike Monticello or Mount Vernon, most of the home is not original. Nor are the belongings inside. That’s not really my thing. I like to be knee deep in dusty, historical stuff.

PeacockVisiting the locale was feeling a little dismal until I rounded the corner and saw this fellow strutting his stuff. He and one of his pals were showing off a bit. And frankly, if I looked that good all the time, I’d strut my stuff loud and proud! And often!

These guys were pretty talkative, too. Their calls aren’t nearly as lovely as their colors, though.

The brilliance of the turquoise in their feathers and the blue of their breasts was breathtaking. I’ve seen peacocks in a zoo, but never with their fans displayed. And here I’m grumbling about how dorky I think this location is when I stumble over this vision.

PeacockAnother guy was perched on a fence. I couldn’t script this photograph if I tried. And there’s no chance of getting a photograph this picturesque at the zoo. I was tickled pink to find this guy sitting proudly on the rail fence with his tail feathers cascading down behind him.

His tail actually reminds me of a waterfall. Don’t ask me to explain, because the only thing I can come up with involves the rippling of the tail feathers as a breeze went by. And I thought it was so interesting how much teal came through as the feathers were closed in on each other.

PeacockPeacock #1 actually retracted his fan a few times and I caught it at half-mast, if you will. With the eyes of the feathers closer together, you can see the various colors… the gold, an almost neon green, the turquoise, the royal blue.

Other than me, there wasn’t anyone to admire their beauty. Especially since some foxes had absconded with their ladies a few weeks prior. The groundskeeper assured me they were in the process of procuring some new spouses for these gentlemen.

Note to Self: Always remember something dorky could result in something spectacular! After all, the first two photos have been been enlarged, matted, and framed and are displayed in my own personal art gallery.


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