Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California

Aquarium of the PacificI just got back from a lovely trip home. My nephew turned two on Tuesday and I was out to visit for six glorious days.

On Tuesday, we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California (more commonly referred to as the Long Beach Aquarium). “We” consisted of my brother Ethan, sister-in-law Adri, nephew Henrik, 5-week-old niece Claire, Adri’s parents, and me. We had a ball.

I wasn’t handling the camera too much, but had it in my possession as we walked through a room of smaller aquariums filled with all manner of sea creatures. My favorite was the sea dragon. These dudes are awesome looking! At first blush they resemble a floating pile of leaves. An excellent choice for camouflage, don’t you think?

Aquarium of the PacificThe aquariums were lit from within… a good thing since they don’t like you blinding these creatures and request that all photos be taken without a flash. I wasn’t using my Canon as it stayed home instead of making the trip with me. I was using Ethan and Adri’s Canon Rebel T3i and a standard 18-55mm lens, I believe. I know the model is correct for the body, I’m not so sure about the lens and I didn’t check. I know it doesn’t have quite the range of my 28-80mm lens. Anyway, the color saturation was phenomenal thanks to the lighting provided by the Aquarium folks and the power of the camera. I could’ve stood there for another ten minutes taking photos of these guys because I found them to be so very interesting.

Aquarium of the PacificI was happy as a clam when the three above opted to swim into each other. Literally. It set up a nice photo with multiple sea dragons.

I often buy a magnet when I visit someplace and want to commemorate and remember it… my magnet from the Aquarium of the Pacific has sea dragons on it. Not the sharks. Not the otters. Not the rainbow lorikeets. The sea dragons. For the record, the lorikeets were pretty nifty, but I didn’t have the big camera, just my little point and shoot that is always in my purse… I haven’t checked those pictures to see if any came out yet.

It was a delightful time had by all and I got to see these gnarly looking guys. No tricks, just good lighting by the folks who run the joint. Although, I grew up in this area, I’d never been to the Aquarium before. It was fun! Probably more so because I was there with my favorite two-year-old and his family.


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