Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts

Fenway ParkI. Love. Baseball.

It’s a pure and simple truth. Now… my loyalties happen to lie with a certain team located in Los Angeles that began its life in New York. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am a Dodgers fan. And a big one!

One of my goals is to see a game in every Major League baseball park in the country. I’m not doing too shabby, either. I’ve attended games at:

  • Dodgers Stadium (duh!)
  • Angels Stadium (I literally grew up down the street)
  • AT&T Park (home of the San Francisco Gnats)
  • Qualcomm Stadium (home of the San Diego Padres)
  • Coors Field (home of the Colorado Rockies)
  • Rangers Ballpark in Arlington (home of the Texas Rangers)
  • Wrigley Field (home of the Chicago Cubs)
  • Fenway Park (home of the Boston Red Sox)

I have shots of each and everyone of these stadiums, too. And I’ve seen the Dodgers play in all but Wrigley and Fenway. Yes, folks… I saw my Dodgers play in Arlington and it was a total fluke because I was in San Antonio for work that weekend and drove all the way to Dallas to see them play. Wore my jersey, too. (Toldya I’m a fan!)

Anyway, as you may recall, I took a trip up the east coast back in April. I started in Virginia and ended in Maine. Now, I would like to point out the Nationals, Orioles, and Phillies all insisted on being out of town whilst I was there. Not appreciated, I might add. But Boston was home.

When I was in college, I met a guy who had grown up in Boston and attended undergrad in New York. I took him to his first baseball game in Los Angeles–and created a monster! He’s a rabid BoSox fan now. So when I was making plans to head his direction, I called him up and asked if he’d be my date to Fenway… on my birthday. Yes, I spent my birthday this year watching a ball game in Fenway Park. Not too shabby!

Fenway ParkSince it was a late afternoon game, we caught dusk and sunset. The magic hour, if you will. The photo up top is actually my favorite, even though it was taken after the BoSox had lost the game to the Tampa Rays. Even under the stadium lights, the color saturation and rich hues were lovely.

As for this shot, it was taken from my seat. Yes, I’m sitting so you have the noggin of the dude in front of me looking rather large in the picture. I don’t really care. It’s part of the stadium feel.

No tricks or filters… no monopod or tripod. I simply locked my arms to the sides of my body, breathed slowly, and shot the photos. They came out with great color saturation and clarity. Win-win. And proof I was there!

The people of Boston should be proud of their team and their stadium. Fenway is incredible. I’m bummed I’ll never see the house that Ruth built, but at least I made it to the other biggies… Wrigley and Fenway. When I find the photos from Wrigley, I’ll pop them in here, but I have to scan the negatives first. Oh yes, those were shot in the olden days… back when people used film.

And… I was in Cooperstown at the National Baseball Hall of Fame the day Reggie Jackson was inducted into the Hall. Add that to the list of Major League Baseball accomplishments!


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