Merry Christmas to All…

Globby LightChristmas, to me, is full of tradition. I love my parents’ Christmas tree with the old C7 lights (none of those namby-pamby little lights)… solid and opaque, twinkle and constant, and bubblers–no glitter! Bubble lights didn’t have glitter when I was a kid, and I won’t tolerate any of that nonsense now. And no blue bubblers! Again, they weren’t around when I was a small fry and I’m not joining that parade now either–even if blue is my favorite color!

Before I was born, my grandma worked in a store that sold all manner of Christmas doodads. One year, she gave my mom a set of six light bulbs. To this day, one of the bulbs has survived. Mind you, I’m thirty-six years old (thirty-seven in April). I don’t know if it’s supposed to resemble a starburst or a snowflake, but it always reminds me of an amoeba. I affectionately call it the ‘globby light’…

Beth OrnamentI love this light! It’s my favorite item on the tree. I love it more than the ornaments I brought back from Europe (the glass blown house on the left), the salt dough cookies Mom painted with our names (bear in mind, she was an art major, so they look incredible, as illustrated by my ornament), the snowflakes crocheted by my grandma (in the back right), and the myriad of ornaments that have decorated the tree for all of my life. I’ll be crushed the year the lights are plugged in and the globby light no longer shines. I may cry. And you can laugh if you want, but I think it’ll be the final nail in my childhood’s coffin. And while it wasn’t intentional, one of the bubblers made it into the picture, too.

Christmas TreeAs for the photo of the globby light, well, this was a lot more difficult to get than you might think… the globby light twinkles. And at a random cadence. So taking a picture while it was illuminated was quite the feat. I randomly search through the “vintage”, “retro”, and whatever-other-adjective-I-can-think-of lights to see if I can find any more on Ebay in hopes of finding more globby lights. We’ll not discuss how much I’m willing to pay just to get a set of six.

I know I’m a bit old-fashioned where Christmas decorations are concerned… and I’m okay with that. I prefer C9 lights on the outside of the house–complete with twinkle lights because they make me smile! I like the older lights and ornaments on the tree. And I love a myriad of color on the tree… as you can see here.

In truth, how you choose to decorate is entirely up to you, and I’ve seen gorgeous displays that I acknowledge as being beautiful, but I’ll stick with this colorful, nostalgic look.

Merry Christmas to all of you! Enjoy your traditions and make new ones!

UPDATE: I’m now forty years old and spending Thanksgiving at the home of my parental units. Today we’re watching USC play Notre Dame and decorating the tree. The globby light still lives! Considering last New Year’s Day Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards retired from broadcasting the Rosa Parade (I may have teared up–it’s a SoCal thing) and my beloved Vin Scully retired after 67 years of broadcasting my Dodgers games (I may have ugly cried–it was like losing a grandfather), I’m very grateful to know my globby light still works. The eight year old in me is doing cartwheels!

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2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to All…

  1. We have lots of special ornaments and each of our girls have lots that are theirs. Our older daughter asked for me to send hers to her last year, but there will still be plenty for the tree and for her to enjoy both at her apartment and at our house. Great choice for the challenge.


    • Janet… we have a running family joke wherein we’ll call my parents’ belongings, “When Mom/Dad dies, I get this!” There are four of us and we’re pretty much in agreement as to who gets what, but while we’ve called various ornaments (and light bulbs, as it were), we’ve never claimed outright ownership of any of the ornaments on their tree. The funniest part is that we kind of due have ornaments that are “mine”… or my sister’s or my brothers’ ornaments. But they all live on Mom and Dad’s tree and we all derive great joy in seeing them there, and talking about them with the littles. And my mom painted additional sets of salt dough ornaments for everyone so that we don’t try to strip her tree prematurely! 🙂

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