Dinosaur Lizards

Grand Bay, GeorgiaAlligators, really. But my friend’s daughter, who is two years old, kept calling them dinosaurs. I’m not sure she’s that far off. And who am I to argue with a two-year-old when her arguments make complete sense?

While visiting Valdosta, Georgia, we went to Grand Bay. I’d like to note it’s neither grand nor a bay. It’s a swamp, plain and simple. Complete with mosquitos, hornets, crazy looking creepy crawlies I’ve never seen before, geckos, and alligators. Oh, and water I never want to swim in.

We traipsed all the way through the marsh until we came across a group of kids on a field trip. Every third or fourth person made it a point to tell us there was an alligator that was about “three feet long just up to the right”

First, you think we won’t see the alligator?

Second, there’s a lot of someones in that group with an interesting definition of “three” feet. The gator’s torso exceeded three feet on its own… never mind adding a head and tail to the dude.

Grand Bay, GeorgiaHe actually looked like a statue. Just laying there like he’s part of the decor. No discernible breathing, no flinching, no twitching, no blinking.

Then the baby cried.

This dude shifted his head and put a bead on the baby. He basically picked up the weak link of our merry band and I’m sure he was thinking there was a tasty appetizer to be had.

I don’t think so. Step away from the adorable baby! Step. Away.

Anyway, no tricks here. I didn’t even crop the photos when I took ’em into PhotoShop. I just framed him and shot. Sometimes it’s that easy.


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