Sorry! I didn’t mean to disappear on everyone. There was a whirlwind trip to Texas (flew out from Denver at 6:00 a.m. on a Saturday, arrived in Houston that afternoon, drove to Dallas the next day, and then drove the eleven hours back to Colorado on Monday). Of course, Sandy hit on Monday and when I returned to the office on Tuesday, the 10.5-11 hour days began. I’m working eight today. And it’s a Saturday.

Right now I’m lollygagging to avoid going into the office as long as possible. I figured ya’ll may as well benefit, right?

Capitol BuildingI’m sure there will be more ceilings posted in the future as they are one of my favorite architectural and design elements in a structure. Flat ceilings? No variety. Old ceilings? Loaded with personality.

I’ve shot ceilings in most historical buildings I’ve toured. Well, not at Fort Laramie… it was a military outpost in Wyoming. No interesting ceilings. And if it isn’t interesting, I don’t waste my film. Er, storage.

This first image is a ceiling in Washington, D.C. More precisely, it’s a chamber adjoining the principle rotunda of the Capitol Building. Look at that gold! Lovely. Absolutely lovely. And I think the chandelier is perfect for its backdrop. I’m not a big chandelier fan… they have to be just right.

Capitol BuildingBut isn’t the only specimen out there, let alone the only one in Washington, D.C.!

Now I should warn you… I have been yelled at a time or two regarding my propensity to shoot ceilings. This is a hallway leading to the Senate Chambers (where I got to sit in a Senator’s chair when I visited in 2008). Anyway, the security guard bellowed at me that I wasn’t allowed to shoot pictures. I kindly pointed out the arrow on the sign pointed to the next hallway, not the one in which I was standing. Sheesh. Had I progressed down this hall, turned left, and then taken a picture, I would’ve expected an NFL-worthy tackle and someone wrestling my camera away from me. But the sign didn’t pertain to this area.

I realize these aren’t particularly artsy photos, but it’s a subject matter I’m rather fascinated with. Especially the ceilings with gold or silver as they reflect the light. And there’s just something about gold or silver paint that makes it feel more opulent. Sure, it can be garish or gaudy, but when used tastefully, it can add to the beauty of the work (as in the secondary rotunda above).


3 thoughts on “Ceilings

    • Especially if its raining… or if you’re so pale you glow in the dark (like me). I rather enjoy the artistic flare on something that is very practical.

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