Olympic Hockey, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

In February 2010, I boarded a plane bound for SeaTac. Ethan (the bro), Adri (the sis-in-law), and three friends met me there. Destination? Vancouver Olympics.

Olympic Hockey 2010My brother and two of his best friends, Jason and Brian (not to be confused with my brother, Brian), are huge hockey fans. I don’t dislike the sport. It just doesn’t hold the same place in my heart that baseball and college football do. As such, the Olympics sounded like a fun field trip and our group decided to go.

I shot this photo from the very top row of the arena (Canada Hockey Place, a.k.a. Rogers Arena). Ask me how much I love my camera and my 70-300mm lens! Ask me!

When this photo is enlarged, you can make out the Olympic logo on the puck (it’s that colored thing they’re standing on at center ice, if you don’t know). Yes, the puck. Don’t believe me? Click on the photo… click on it again. See? Toldya.

Olympic Hockey 2010And for those who wonder… this is United States v. Norway. The U.S. won.

I loved this photo! I felt like the official was saying, “Here boys. Right here.” Sometimes you can capture a funny moment in sports in which there is no action. Both players were moseying into position for the impending face off, but hadn’t quite arrived yet.

It was also the first time I’d ever shot hockey. I’ve photographed dozens of baseball games and numerous college football games, but I’d never shot hockey. And not knowing the nuances of a sport does make it a greater challenge to shoot. According to Ethan and the guys, I did great. After everyone received their coffee table books that I put together, Ethan was delighted with the hockey shots from both games we attended. Apparently, I’m a decent hockey photographer.

That said, we’re not discussing how many bad photos there were… blurry, no puck, players doing nothing in particular. I’m pretty sure I threw out approximately 300 photos per game. Doh.


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