The Time Conversion, United States v. Germany

United States v. GermanyI rarely use tricks in my photography. It’s not something I particularly enjoy. However, when I was in Germany in 1994, I made an exception.

This photograph represents the current time in California v. the current time in Berlin. Obviously, Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin did an admirable job of displaying the current time in Germany. If you don’t know, it’s quite a lovely palace and I grabbed a few shots as I was walking by.

I was going to use my wrist watch to illustrate the time in California, but one of the Germans with whom I was walking said he had a pocket watch. He promptly altered the time for me and set it on a cement bench so I could attempt the double exposure. Go Canon A-1 film camera! Woohoo!

Double exposures can go horribly wrong, so I was pleased with how this one turned out… I was 18-years-old at the time I shot this. Again, with no training, just the technical know-how of operating the A-1. It’s just a fun little photograph forever memorializing the difference in the time zones between where I lived and where I was visiting.


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