Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.

In March 2007, Julie (the sis), Ethan (the bro), Adri (the faboo sis-in-law), Katie (our friend), and I had the opportunity to vacation together in Washington, D.C. Through the craziest series of events, we had the opportunity to tour the West Wing of the White House, walk through areas of the Capitol Building that require a pass, and sit in the seats on the floor of the Senate. Not to mention being there during Cherry Blossom Festival. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.As I said, we got to tour the Capitol Building through various routes that generally require an ID badge. As a result, I was able to capture what is without a doubt one of my favorite shots of the trip. Standing at the base of the rotunda, the brilliant blue sky and scattered clouds above, the angle and coloring came together for a great photo.

This is one of the images I’ve blown up, matted and framed, and displayed in my library. My Canon 5D was days old, purchased specifically for this trip. Had I known I would be laid off a month later, I would have neither purchased my camera nor gone on this amazing trip with my sibs. Thank goodness we can’t tell the future, right?

For reference, over my left shoulder as I shot this photograph is The Mall (Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, and Lincoln Memorial). And while I’m known to PhotoShop my photos to perfect them, I think I only got rid of a piece of lint that marred the blue sky on this one. You’re basically seeing the photo just as it was shot.

Actually, I need to correct myself… it’s not just one of my favorite photos from the trip, it’s one of my favorite photos I’ve ever shot. That’s why it’s framed and displayed.


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