Badlands National Park, South Dakota (Take II)

Badlands National ParkBadlands National ParkBad weather… say what you will, but sometimes it’s a blessing and sometimes it’s a curse, photographically speaking.

I was in Badlands NP over Memorial Day weekend this year (2012) and imagine my irritation when I awoke, looked out the window, and saw rain and fog. No blue skies. Just rain. And fog.

Ordinarily, I’m all in when it comes to precipitation. I love rain. But if it screws with something I’m intending to photograph, I’m a little more than perturbed. And as you can see in these photos, there was plenty of mud going on.

Badlands National ParkHowever, the entire park was not suffering from this particular malady.

Yellow Mounds looked beautiful. Some of the fog had burned off, allowing decent visibility in this region of the park. The soil has a layer of magnesium which brings out the lovely shade of magenta in the soil. The greens were greener and the yellows were golden. Moisture can do marvelous things for more than just hair and skin. It can enhance colors, making them practically sing. This picture does not do the beauty of this location justice.

It was a drizzly, foggy day, but I managed to salvage the day in spite of the weather. I have no idea how many times I had to wipe down my lens to get shots without water drops. But it was worth the effort!


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