Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming

Grand Tetons National ParkSummer of 1988…

An incredibly beautiful mountain range in Wyoming. It even has a glacier nestled in the cradle of some of the peaks.

This photo was taken right before a serious amount of rain deluged us. We were camping in the Tetons, going back and forth between this national park and Yellowstone. This was 1988, the year Yellowstone was on fire. It was quite the experience, let me tell you. Anyway, back to the rain storm. It rained so hard and in such quantities that the waterproof tent in which I was sleeping proved not to be water-sealed properly and my sleeping bag had a huge puddle with water standing about four inches deep. No bueno. It was a gullywomper of a storm, but it sure set up for a gorgeous photo.

Grand Tetons National ParkThese were shot with the Canon A-1… it was most likely the 28-80mm lens (that had lost all tension so it would adjust itself–very annoying!) and not the 70-210mm lens.

I’m hoping to get back to the Tetons in the next few years. After all, the last time I was there was over twenty years ago.

Between the Tetons and Yellowstone, you have the geysers (Old Faithful, anyone?), the geyser basins, the mountains, the forests, the plains, and the wildlife. It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth.


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