Capitol Rotunda in Austin, Texas

Texas' Capitol RotundaIf it is possible to have a crush on a subject, I’d have to say my crush is on rotundas. I love them. The illumination in a rotunda is exquisite. And the concentric circles make for some fun angles when shooting.

My family was in Austin in 2003, for the wedding of one of my cousins. We’d never been to the capitol of the great big state of Texas, so we spent a day touring around and a stop at the Capitol was a must.

I love the Texas Lonestar at the center of the rotunda and the clever spelling out of the state’s name in the five indentations of the star. There were some good photos shot as far as illumination and angles go, but it was the early years of digital cameras and the pixel resolution on a point-and-shoot… <sigh> well, it sucked.

I shot almost an identical photo when I was in Austin in June 2009 (it’s the one you see here). This was shot with my Canon 5D and my 28-80 lens. I could spend the money to get specific length lenses, but I’ve had back surgery. I can’t lug that many lenses and I’m still dreaming of a 100-400 lens (yes, I know the fixed 400 is preferred, but refer to the prior statements). And maybe a fisheye. Most likely I’ll stop with the 400 and call it a day.

Did you know that if you stand on the star on the floor that is directly below the star in the rotunda and lift your head and whisper, you’ll be able to hear your whisper return back to you in an echo? The acoustics of this rotunda are crazy awesome.

If the shoe fits: Curves


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